Time is ticking

We have a short time until final ruling is released on the rules and regulations on our licensing. Hopefully they don't pull a 180 and change everything. Currently all but the seed rules are wonderful. I couldn't be happier with the way things are going. For our license application we are working on completing the plans currently and making sure they are compliant and very clear on our processes. We are also seeking our letters of recommendations as well as our final advisory team. We currently have a few on our list for the medical side of advisory, we have a set of financial advisors, we have a lawyer for our law advisory and currently looking for our insurance advisory. I will also possibly be adding a cannabis advisory team once the rules are finalized and we have our application complete for them to look at it and advise any changes. We have a large amount of lendors and some interested investors. We do want more investors and are offering a very lucrative offering for interested start-up investors. Once we get running the offering to investors is cut over half of the share:value ratio. In the event that we are not licensed we will be growing as caregivers with our 18 vegetative plants and 18 flower. These will be grown from our list of top genetic suppliers and will be the same quality as if we were full scale production. This in mind we will be providing no matter the ruling on what happens with the laws and we will provide the best flower in the state and will continue to apply for licensing until we are licensed and the most notable household name brand licensed in the state. Consistency in our product will be the key to success and our search for the best strains in the world will be our key to the best product in the state. Thanks for everyones support and God bless!!!

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