The Right Reasons Morally

As most of us in the industry are watching the tides turn, legalization is coming very soon. So, how do we prepare ourselves? Money has been the driving force for all good and evil within the cannabis industry. So many people who have never used cannabis are trying to run businesses and grow plants. The keys to the success lie with those passionate about the plant. They know each strain and genetic that they grow, will create a DNA-like fingerprint that can mold into other fingerprints. These genetics are like our family trees, and each creation is special in its own way. So with the big industries like beer and tobacco showing interest this last year in our industry, we're left with the fear of losing genetics which have left great impacts on many people, and then they're gone forever. The reason this happens, is because mass growers are like our big beer companies, which everyone likes because they're cheap and easy to drink. Same with our mass growers, they make it cheap and it looks and smells good. In reality they both undercut the consumer with their quantity for a good price, over quality of a well crafted product. Big corporations will drive prices down, to where craft growers, like with craft breweries, have to compete with sales cuts. They're unable to afford these cuts, because of the costs to produce the flowers of such qualities. Greed should be highly discouraged in this industry to protect the special strains and genetics. Protect this industry with your pride if you truly are passionate about it. All the corporations that ran smear campaigns against cannabis, should never take part in any operation with cannabis. The idea here is simple, "Quality over Quantity." Green rush not Greed rush. Practice this and we'll preserve the cannabis industry with a respectful image, and with professionalism be comparable to the qualities of the wine industry, only less intoxicating. The winery model should be our goals so that no big companies monopolize this industry to the point of causing it harm.

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